Twenty + Six

I still cannot believe that I should put number 26 in age column if I needed to fill any form, or whenever people asking how old I am (including when they needed to check my ID).

Yes, I am turning 26 years old, a few days ago.

Although still struggling to accept my identity is no longer 25, I feel this new age is another blessing from god.

Minutes before midnight, my heart was pounding, I was having a mini heart attack because I was panicked that I am turning 26 in moments. Yet, I was occupied with my final essay, I still thought about it a bit.


Along the day, the situation got better.There are so many things, I want to be thankful for. On the other side, birthday wishes from my family and friends got me better. It reminded me of how lucky I am for having many individuals that still remember and making gestures to congratulate me, or even wishing me a birthday wish (or in same cases, making efforts for giving me present or making me dinner, you know who you are). I really appreciate them. I feel blessed.

Thank you God for all these lovely people that crossing my path, for their support and love. Even though, growing old is sucks (every birthday after 22 is) but being able to feel their presence is precious.

And here I am.

26 years old and proud.

The Art of Letting Go

What have I been learned about letting go is...

never easy.

Every story is different. 

But, there is always be the same formula over and over again.

is to be ignorant.

forcing yourself not to think, not to feel, not even checking them out.

do it, do it, do it... 

until you forget.

and after awhile, 

you are free. 

Not So Long Ago.

Not so long ago...
I thought you were my universe.
Well, my life is all about you just because the circumstance.
Yet, I know you did not realize and I did not want to.

I am proud of myself to achieve this far.
To not expect anything and let go.
Thou, life is not getting any better,
but at least I do not burden myself to think about you anymore.

Feeling so weird to realize all tears because all those feelings that I ever had.

Thank you for letting me know.